"Sanja" Festival at Asakusa Shrine

May 12, 2015


Based on my yesterday's Blog on J-BOND team visiting Asakusa, Tokyo yesterday, I almost forgot to mention one important topic related to Asakusa this season.  At this coming week end, in fact, Asakusa Shrine will have a big and exciting event on 16th - 18th May.  The name of the festival is "Sanja Matsuri" (Matsuri in Japanese is meant for Festival).  "Sanja Matsuri" is normally held around mid of May every year.  


It is really unfornate that our J-BOND team misses this famous festival in Asakusa this week, as the group plans to move from Tokyo to Takayama on 13th May tomorrow morning.  


"Sanja Matsuri" is one of the three major festivals seen in Tokyo.  "Sanja" is referred to be three gods who are enshrined there.  Back to the legend, when Tokyo was still a small fishing village in the year of 628. Two brothers who were fishing found a small image of "Kannon Bodhisattva" in the fishing net.  A village chief suggested that a new temple be built to house the statue. These 3 men later became the three Shinto gods and were enshrined in Asakusa Shrine.  


To respect these 3 Shinto gods, "Sanja Matsuri" has 3 large "Mikoshi" which house the gods and many others are carried around Asakusa area where tends of thousands of spectators gather to watch the event.


Remember the timing of "Sanja Matsuri", the middle of May every year!!  You may plan to be there to take a part next year.

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