J-BOND Team Trip - 3rd day in Japan (2)

May 12, 2015


J-BOND Team was so excited yesterday before going to Tsukiji fish market.  Tsukiji fish market is one of the most favourite places in Tokyo that the group really wanted to visit.  The main reason was just to try out fresh "Sashimi" or "Sushi" there, since the place is so popular even outside Japan.


I recommended to the group about one good Japanese restaurant, which is named "SAKANA TAKEWAKA", located in Tsukiji as a headquarter.  I go to this restaurant whenever I go back to my hometown in Tokyo.  I can't miss this restaurant.  The fish quality is guaranteed, by directly purchasing from Tsukiji market every day, and the prices are quite reasonable.  


The most of J-BOND team members ordered the standard lunch sets as below.  The below is named as "TAKEWAKA GOZEN", which is cost at Yen 1,300 (approx. US$11.00) only.  This lunch set consists of : -


- Sashim set (Tuna & Snapper)

- Tempura set (Assorted Vegitables & Prawns)

- Chawanmushi (Steam Egg)

- Tsukedashi (Black Seaweed)

- Nimono (Assorted Vegitables) 

- Japanese Pickles (White Raddish)

- Japanese Steam Rice

- Japanese Soy-Bean Soup


It is really a good lunch set offer at such a resonable price at this type of Japanese restaurant in Tsukiji.  


You should go and try out at SAKANA TAKEWAKA in Tsukiji, Tokyo, when you have a chance to go to Tokyo for your business trip or your holiday trip in the future.





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