J-BOND Team Trip - 3rd day in Japan (1)

May 12, 2015

Yesterday J-BOND team went to another places in Tokyo.  The weather in Tokyo continued to be good and warm.  The group visited in the below sequences.


1. Imperial Place (Ko-kyo) near Tokyo Station  

2. Tsukiji (the most famous fish market in Japan)

3. Sugamo Shopping Street  (famous in the downtown Tokyo)

4. Meiji Shrine  (one of the famous Japanese Shinto Shrine in Tokyo)

5. Harajuku Street (the famous fashion street for the teens)


It seems that the group liked Sugamo Shopping Street and enjoyed a lot in walking around there.  This shopping street has more than 100 small shops and there are a lot of customers / visitors to come and shop. 


""Sugamon" which is featured as a young "DUCK" (12-year old), is a campaign figure for Sugamo town.  "Sugamon" is also getting popular outside Sugamo town now.


J-BOND group enjoy this shopping street by walking and looking around shops as well as trying out "Green-Tea" Ice-Cream.   The group felt that people there were friendly and kind.


I like to recommend that you visit "Sugamo Jizo Shopping Street" near Sugamo JR station, when you have a chance to visit Tokyo in the future.  You can have a nice feeling & atmosphere for a traditional-style downtown Tokyo life as to how people are living.








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