J-BOND Team Trip - 2nd day in Japan (3)

May 11, 2015

J-BOND team visited Tokyo Skytree as a first sightseeing location in Tokyo on 2nd day.  


Tokyo Skytree was built in 2012 in Sumida district in Tokyo as the world's tallest broadcasting 

communication tower, which has 634m height.  The Skytree design concept is mixed with both modern and traditional beauty representing Japan cultures.  There are 2 observatories respectively at 350m and 450m height from ground.  From there, you can clearl see the entire of Tokyo and neighboring prefectures with a remarkable panorama view.  


As an actual fact, this location called "Oshiage", Sumida district, is just my hometown, where I was born and grown up.  When I was young, I couldn't imagine that my hometown has such a famous tower and tourist place in Japan.  I love my hometown, as there still remain unchanged a lot of traditional buildings, temples, shrines, houses, as well as many different types of craftman skills & techniques there.  


I like to suggest that you try to walk around the neighboring areas of Tokyo Skytree to look for such an atomosphere and feeling of "EDO"-time clutures, which you may not be able to find so easily in Japan nowdays.





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