J-BOND Team Trip - 2nd day in Japan (2)

May 11, 2015


As per my recommendation, J-BOND team decided to try out famous dishes in Asakusa.  It's "TEMPURA".  Now "TEMPURA" migth be already popular in a certain countries outside Japan.  However, TEMPURA in Asakusa provides really original teaste.  There are many long-history "TEMPURA" restaurants in Asakusa, downtown Tokyo.  Hence, it becomes very expensive at famous restaurants there.  I recommended to the group about more reasonably pricing place, but the quality of TEMPURA is guaranteed.  


"TEMPURA Set" in the upper below costs Yen 1,700 (US$14.20), while "TEN-DON Set" in the bottom below costs Yen1,500 (US12.50).  Can you see how large the PRAWNs are!!  In Japan, PRAWN TEMPURA is considered like a "KING OF TEMPURA", hence, the price is subject to the size of PRAWN and/or the number of PRAWNs in the plate!!  My recommended restaurant is "SOBA OWARIYA", Kaminarimon, Asakura.  You may check their location in the map, by double-click on the below photos.


I hope that J-BOND team was satisfied with a good quality of TEMPURA yesterday.  






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