J-BOND Team Trip - 2nd day in Japan

May 11, 2015

Firstly, let me explain about their 2-week entire travel schedule in Japan.


- 2 days in Tokyo

- 1 day at Yamanaka Lake near Mt. Fuji

- 1 days in Takayama (old Japanese town)

- 1 day to Kamikochi (one of the best moutain-valley site for scenery)

- 1 day to Shirakawa-go (old village)

- 4 days in Kyoto

- 2 days in Toba & Ise, Mie (near "Shima" Bay area as well as a famour "ISE Shrine)

- 2 days in Osaka


They flew into Naria on 9th May and fly back home from Osaka on 23rd May.


Their accommodation arrangement was made as below.


- Tokyo (4-day)           B&B hotel near Shinjuku, Tokyo 

- Takayama (1-day)    B&B hotel near Takayama JR Station

- Takayama (1-day)    Japanese traditional hotel (Ryokan) with a full dinning arrangement & hot springs

- Kyoto (4-day)            B&B hotel near Karasuma cho, Kyoto

- Toba / Ise (2-day)     Spanish-style Sea Resort hotel with a full dinning arrangmenet

- Osaka (2-day)           B&B hotel near Namba, Osaka


In summary, for your general information, total budgeted expenses in Japan is Yen 180,000 (approx. US$1,500) for 2 entire weeks.  See the breakdown as below.


- Hotel / Accommodations   Yen 90,000 (approx. US$750)

- In-land Transportations     Yen 48,000 (approx. US$400)

- Food / Drinks                     Yen 42,000 (appox. US$350)  


If you have any future plan for making your holdays in Japan,  I hope the above information is useful to you.


Let's go back to the daly activity update on J-BOND team visiting Japan!  




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