J-BOND Team Trip - 1st day in Japan

May 11, 2015

I am recently engaged in working with one University student group to assist them in making a holiday planning for their 2-week "Graduation Trip" to Japan.  They just completed their 4-year study in the universtity last week.  Earlier they decided to make their memorable graduation trip to Japan, and I was asked to help them.  Total 9 people including 5 boys and 4 girls. They requested me to optimise their trip to as many places as possible, since this is really rare & important occasion for them once in a life.   As they are still students, however, they can't afford to pay for an expensive holiday package, thus, the trip planning is required to help them to make it more reasonablly financed. 



To customise their holiday in Japan in more efficent way, I needed to understand from them from such perspectives : - 


- Their interests

- Their expectations

- Their priorities

- Their affordability

- Their concerns


In discussion with them on those key elements, I made up my proposal to them, discussed and

finalised the entire holiday schedule & planning including : - 


- where to visit?

- what to see?

- where to sta?y 

- which sequences to travel effectively inside Japan

- how much to spend?   Hotel?  Food?  Transportaion?  Other necessities?


Let's see their daily activities in Japan for the next 2 weeks!!





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