TANOSHIMU@Tokyo - The Best Japanese Gardens in Tokyo (Part 1)

May 4, 2015

1.  Kiyosumi Teien:

The grounds of Kiyosumi Teien were opened to the public in 1932. The garden is landscaped and there are many stones set around the grounds. There are also stepping stone paths, called “isowatari,” set into the lake. While you are walking on the stones you can see carp and turtles under the surface of the water as well as the beautiful reflections of the garden in the water.  There is a teahouse styled Ryotei, a traditional Japanese restaurant built out over the water and appears to be floating. Close to the entrance is the Taisho Kinenkan, a memorial hall of Emperor Taisho.






2. Kyu-Yasuda Teien:

Kyu-Asuda Teien was used to be a house and garden of Honjo Munesuke, the feudal lord of Hitachi-Kasama in 1701. The garden was unique because the water of the pond was connected to Tokyo bay. Therefore, the level moved for each tides. In 1923, the garden was damaged by the Kanto great earthquake, but the stones were preserved well. In 1996, this garden was registered as the Tokyo scenery.







3. Happo-En:

The name Happo-en is meant for a garden which is beautiful from all angles, and that is certainly true here. Popular for weddings, the garden also features a restaurant with terrace tables and a Japanese tea house.  The garden is full of trees with winding paths in between. The paths are lined on both sides by 200 year old bonsai trees as well as other various trees, in making the garden an ideal place to visit in both the autumn and spring, and even in winter.


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