TANOSHIMU@Tokyo - The Best Japanese Gardens (Part 2)

May 4, 2015

4.  Heisei Teien:



Heisei Teien is just a part of Gyosen park, located in Kasai, in the western part of Tokyo. Heisei Teien was built in about 70 year ago, and is a nice pond surrounding garden. There are many Sakura trees in this garden. This park also has fishing ponds, free zoo and kid's play ground.






5.  Rikugi-En:


The traditional Japanese-style Rikugien Garden is famous for every-year's autumn season with its changing maple leaves.  It was ever created in 1702 by a man highly trusted by the shogun, Rikugien Garden was taken over by the founder of Mitsubishi in the Meiji Era. The main attraction of the garden is the pond in the center, along with its islands and islets and viewing hill and surrounded by strolling paths


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