What is your interest in traveling in Japan?

May 1, 2015


Can you tell me what bring you to plan your trip to Japan?  Language?  People?  Culture?  Cuisines? Sake?  Scenaries?  Animes or Figures?   


I beleive you have some interests in visiting Japan.  If your interest is quite specific, let's approach straightforwardly.  If your interest might not be so clear, let's think about it by catergory.  For an instance, if you are a Sushi-lover, let's focus on it as a priority for your trip in Japan.  Many pepole overseas knew about "Tsukiji", which is the most famous fish market in Japan.  If you are specificially love "Maguro" (Tuna fish), a lot of people is aware that Tsukiji is the best place to enjoy "Maguro". Do you know why the best-quality of "Maguro" is transported into "Tsukiji", one central location in Japan, even with a long-distance truck transport arranged from many fishery ports in Japan?   


Many people knew about "Tsukiji", but a very few people only knew which specific fishing ports in Japan are famous for "Maguro".  If you are interested in visiting such famous "Maguro" port, it is guaranteed to have the best-quality of "Maguro" such as "Otoro" & "Chutoro" at quite resonable prices.  Definitely you can enjoy so much there under the freshiest condition of "Maguro".


The above topic is just one of examples that I am asking you about your interest in visiting Japan for your holidays.  Let's think and make it clear.




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