Some recommendation for Japan traveling

May 1, 2015

Let's try in Japan, if you are a first visitor or holiday-taker in Japan.


1. Try to eat the "REAL" good quality of foods in Japan:
- In some cases you may see too expensive for you to try out those authentic Japanese cuisines.

- Don't hesitate to go into good Japanese restaurants, even there is no English menu.

- Let's try to order just 1 set to share among yourselves.

- Of course, everyone in your group should make individual orders, but just share such "REAL" one.


2. Try to observe & understand why people in Japan behave & act in different way from yours:
- You may see and think it very uniquely in comparision with your home country culture & mindset, however, let's try to see their hehaviours & actions from their perspectives.

-If you are able to accommodate in this manner, you may have more chance to like them as people or Japan as a country.


3. Try to approach & speak to Japanese people in English:
- It is not for sure how many % of people, who you approach with questions while you are traveling in Japan, can try to respond to you well in Englsih.

- However, you may keep trying to approach & speak to them in a slower pitch.   They will try their best to respond to you.

- One thing that you may see is that Japanese people are sincere and responsbile enough to try to help you as foreigners. 


4. Try to take a walk while you are traveling in Japan:
- It is not time-efficient to rent a car or take a taxi, in particular for traveling in big cities, due to traffic congestion.     

- Even public transportation like train or bus is not so reasonably cheap.

- It is the best for you to try to take a walk everywhere, then, you may be able to see & find more interested sceneries & things.  

- As well, walking is really in much healthier style while you are traveling in any countries.


Let's think of them and feel free to give me your feedback or questions!






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