Japan "UNESCO" World Heritage Sites - Part 1

May 1, 2015

Today Japan has total 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites.  You may consider them to include in your holiday planning in Japan.


1. Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-Ji Area:



Horyu-ji temple is located in Nara prefecture.  Horyu-ji templeuses 1,300 year-old "Hinoki" cypress. The fix story-pagoda of Horyu-ji Temple is known for being the oldest earthquake-proof structure.  Today, this structure's technique is employedby the Kasumigaseki building, the first modern high building inJapan.  The central pillar of the pagoda is hung from the roofof its top level.  In the event of an earthquake, it can keep thebalance of the building.



2. Himeji-Jo:

Himeji Castle is located in Hyogo prefecture, just next to Osaka.   It is well known for its beauty and supposed resembalance to an egret was constructed in the Warring States Period.  Himeji Castle has fortunately survived, compared to many other Japanese casles were destroyed in the Meiji period or burned in the World War II.  It is considered a very valuable heritage site.







3. Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto:


Kyoto had lost many cutural properties such as temples, shrines and even the old imperial palace, due to the main battlefield in the "Onin War" about 550 year ago.  But since then, it has not experienced any major wars and even in the World War II Kyoto was not bombed seriously.  It is fortunate for Japan that there are still many cultural assets left in Kyoto.




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